Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not again!

This cannot be!! Have I again gone along too long and not post anything??!!
Again, I'll just make this a photo entry of all the things I've been up to!

Nutella Rice Krispies

Then, there was the classic chocolate lava cake: 
(sorry for the blurry shot..the clear ones looked um.. unappetizing)

I got in touch with the chinese in me and made
Coffee PORK RIBS~~

Then there was the Mushroom Pesto salad:
(again, its hard to make runny things look good)

Red Velvet Cake: An ambitious QUADRUPLE heart shaped cake that I baked for the Department as my parting gift to them. Teachers always rock!

I just had to take a silly shot of myself doing something silly with the cake!
(I was pretending to be a robot, in case no one got it...)

Then the inside: 

And my most recent adventure, Poppy seed cupcakes with vanilla custard:
Get the recipe here: http://www.poiresauchocolat.net

I made some changes to the recipe and used my own custard one. I think my next project is to include all my recipes onto this site. IF ONLY I HAVE THE TIME!! ARGH.

Next stop... Banana Cake with Gula Melaka Toffee...hmmm

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