Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cupcakes, cakes and Birthday cakes!

Yes, its been awhile since I shared my two cents with cyberspace and all those who love to bake/ eat. So much has happened, what with winding up things at work, trying to bake for money. I haven't been blogging because I actually have been baking for money. In the past two months, I have sold under my company serene bakes the following:

                     10x tripple chocolate cupcakes

                      7x nutella cupcakes

                     1x 9" tripple chocolate cake

                     1x 9"  Double chocolate whisky cake with bailey's fudge

                     1x 12" by 12" double chocolate whisky cake with bailey's fudge
                      1x 12" by 12" Gula melaka coffee cake with vanilla cream and sugar icing
1 7" by 9"  Double chocolate whisky cake with bailey's fudge

and soon, a 7" by 9" inch Orange sugee cake.

         Now that you know why I've been so busy, here is a pictorial guide of my baking efforts

              Nutella Cupcakes that spell : I love u (the seventh was for the guy to eat for himself)

Okay fine, so my lettering isn't perfect and probably Cake Wrecks worthy but who cares?
Here's how they look without the monstrous cookie topping and awful lettering:"

Quite yummy right?

Right, now on to the next cake which looked beautiful but was a near disaster:

Double chocolate whisky cake with bailey's fudge

As goegous as it looks, I made a big boo boo. I baked the cake using some dodgy sugar I bought from the supermarket. The guy who sold it was the only one open during that time and he claimed it was good as any other. WARNING: DO NOT BUY DODGY SUGAR.
The cake was alright but it just wasn't sweet enough? I didn't get to taste it but the person who bought it was mildly disappointed and I was too. Lesson learnt.
                        Next, a work of art that my department ordered from me:

                               Gula Melaka Coffee Cake with Vanilla cream and Sugar glaze

I was inspired by christmas. I mean, its the end of the year and I painstakingly spent a good half of the night trying to get the sugar glaze to look like icicles and making little snow flake patterns with the gold and silver dragees. YES. I had to ARRANGE EACH ONE to form the SNOWFLAKE. NO ITS NOT A STAR OR AN ASTRIX. THIS IS WHAT AN ASTRIX LOOKS LIKE.*. Fine. I guess it does look like an astrix/snowflake /what the ****. Point proven
Next up, experiments of the baking kind!

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